Friday, January 8, 2010

Tribute to Daul Monster, fashion style!

The Participating Booths list is out!

" This year we start off with paying a respect to our peer
Who had left us, drowned in her world
We don't fancy what happened
We pity the confusion
So instead, we pay tribute to her fashion style!
Such a precious lost.. "


DISCLAIMER: This has got nothing to do to insult the DEAD
We are just paying respect to her fashion sense

But of course, after all that sympathy and extra hyper hype.
We are still a bazaar!

So if you have things to sell: please bring your second hands, second books or anything recyclable, or say hello to new fashion, new stocks and new trends!

As long as it's cheap - we are pretty sure it will sell like hot cakes
You have approximately a month to gather round your stuff, new stocks and ex-preciouses!

Mail us at: to fill up the form
*Limited to 50 spots only

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