Friday, April 4, 2008

Counting down to the grand opening of the zoo's gate!

it's happening now!
come and be happy
see you there people
and remember, wear the funckiest allritey?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

modelesque` enough?

on the other note: we will be scouting for potential girls especially to be trained to be a model. yes, im doing this for charity because i believe it's about time to have a younger generation layers after us.

so approximately a year ago, i was into the contests spree.*only selected ones. the last i was forced to join was Malaysian Young Model Competition endorsed by MODA. i think i
t has a great rapport as this is supported by the government unlike has taught me alot, apart from the earlier experiences i had joining other contests - it is sure as hell make me a step closer to where i want to be. so why don't you give it a shot?

here they are at

allrite, so you must be wondering wot has it got to do with The Threadszoo.

since i am a hermit and i don't socialize that much lately, i am really looking forward to see all the fashionistas to come in full gear and looking very modelesque that
will catch my attention.or better but less thrilled way is that you come to me and ask.*that is also to see your confidence level!

in cases that we think that you are really eligible for that, we will sign you up for MYMC and even prepped you for it.

our officiel fashion photographer which i have solely relies on adds up to building your portfolio.yes, wot you see in ANTM is wot you get but BETTER! of course it is, si
nce you are in it.

**bibo aswan will be having his exhibition booth too at The Threadszoo 2 this weekend! so come people =)

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