Thursday, February 28, 2008

.....i could see something is peeking around the corner.....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday Brunch Hunt

Saturday Brunch Hunt

Hi people! hows your weekend has been this time ?
Any garage, junkyard and flea market gig around?
Any shoppings? wots the damage like..?

This weekend, we got together
Zookeeper HOla could not make it to the meet
simply because she is still in the selling-off mode at a personal garage sale

so we ended up with Zookeeper Fridah & Tiara aka Pearl
at Bijou Hartamas.
well i missed the breakfast set by 5 mins
and thats not cool..

here are some pics to treat your eyes.
as usual, i didnt have much time to snap
coz i was busy talking instead
and being all of us girls having A.D.D
it doesnt help that much either

the place makes me happy, makes me feel 20% detoxed
almost as euphoric as but not close
you dont have a stretching menu of dessert, thats why!

my NOT breakfast menu meal.
grilled chicken sandwich

zookeeper faridah aka baby & Tiara aka Pearl

It's hard to look "normal" with her,and not ended up looking like a Giant

hey hey! i came out from that silver/grey thing instantly!
tres awesome! i wanna own one la jugak pls...

and i am not kiddin...

btw, come and join us the next time we will be having a get together.
will stick up notifications on the blog every lucky Friday ya!
we stay as friends - dont we?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentine's day lovely people!
-we love you long time-
winks, winks

Monday, February 11, 2008

so the day was AWESOME!

Hey Guys! Finally Some pictures to spare you with..
Sorry for the long wait, I was on holiday in Timbuktu last week!

FYI, all the zookeepers are not mutual friends or anything.
We met at The Threads Zoo, and we became connected - instantly!
That's how FUN the weekend was.. =)

*Interior Ideas and Materials contributed by CubicRay

That is the entran
ce of ThreadsZoo
accompanied by Giuseppe the Giraffe that measures myself at 5ft 9'

Funky Faridah and cool mama Lyana!
Awesome goods, vintage! At some point, i thought they just robbed the old folk's home downtown.*where the hell you get those stuff from?

*Is there anymore duplication of Faridah's wackness - please come to the front!
Great interesting bargains too!
We had a bidding session for this vintage crocodile weave purse
It went for RM60 in the end

and that's the happy owner- Maryam, that lips knot a smile!

The Super - Calm & Cool Nadia Leong and Meera.
Great stuff on racks but too queit to say anything
The rack seems to be custom-made for Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Topshop!

Ahhhhh..they remind me of the Sweet Valley Highs
Anything you can find in a girl's room was displayed here!
I got a Dr. Feel Good face balm for only RM50!
it came also with free goodies and wot nots

The dedicated staffs of mine. Day and Night. Rain or Shine
Hungry or Full .They will always be the people that are not to be fooled
Dedicated and Trustworthy, they sold alot of great stuff too

The groovie indie HOLA the LOLA
The service she required was more than the rest, that includes being her personal alarm for her to wake up
Supre, Miss Sixty, Coach, Target...just about anything is available at her rack
Eventhough it looks half full - but most of the items are desirable of the freestyle poser warm-up picture with Hola & Dee

People Behind the hair-pulling arena

Miss animated Weichien for the support and countless help
Who took days off just to help
and went missing half the time to buy drinks

* sorry i dont have a better picture of you

Miss Kat who was there since the beginning of imaginary period to the actual day
The caption says it all.

The Bab that was there to scrutinize all my imaginary thoughts until it became as hard as the concrete of her apartment.But again, sometimes she slipped

I dont have many nice pictures as we were busy attending the overflowing people.
And that's how much WE love you PEOPLE, we welcome each coming guest at the door.
Therefore we need an extra help at the door

Photographer was busy, mostly here are taken by snaps.
Im glad they are good enough for you to see, whoever that missed it!

Practically everyone tried this pair of gold COACH sneakers.
unfortunately, these pretties were still there when we closed
*it's size: 7 btw..

Janet Lee is a singer, she has a passion for flea market
She was the FIRST! to arrive at theThreadsZoo
Her warmth makes me feel less nervous that day

she wrote about me too..
more pictures here!

this was only one side of the Threads Zoo.the other side was greater
Imagine put all that together.You get the awesome Threadszoo!

And we had fashion show too.Dorothy Perkins Sequins dress going for RM50
after worned, it became RM70

Faridah too! with the lingerie cum dress ensemble!

Shirley came to support and shopped !
Shirley and Alan the bf has been a real cheerleader too behind the scenes

These graceful women visited us too!

And many more people that over flooded
the place and I personally didn't have the
chance to say THANK YOU.

2Secs Award Winning Speech
And many more friends, soon to be friends, family ,singles, couple and people who came to support
I hope you are happy with your purchases and keep it up
to those that been whispering me strong wisdom day and night
I really thank you for every bits of that
for without you, I wouldnt be able to do this alone
the strength and blessings from You too
that guides my soul

Friday, February 1, 2008


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