Monday, March 30, 2009

thank you from mother earth


first of all i would like to say a big THANK YOU for those who have gathered and do their bits officially and celebrate the Earth Hour at CAPSquare on 28th March.

all the efforts shouldn't just stop for an hour - it should be a continuous action.start right now to help save the world and save your money during times like this.please switch off the necessary!

find out what the cause for your actions that day

well i hope you guys had fun getting to know fellow vendors,friends, shopped and made some money.

til then, stay tuned for upcoming events!we are working on serving you better



Sunday, March 15, 2009


in the midst of the Threadszoo's jungle
I found this at Soak Republic in Pick n' Grab!
and lovin its brass coat

This to resell at RM50
size: L
any takers?


Be part of the world history today while showcasing to the public of your creations.Join us and the rest of the rest of you and even celebrities in doing our bit for
the 60 Hour Earth Day.

We are looking for crafts and eco friendly - diy products, cheap second hands stuff and many others that i cant think of right now - well i am sure you have it!

Here's the details:
28th March, 2009
8 am - 10pm

You will be provided with:
10ft by 10ft tent
- you can actually share this space with a couple of your's huge for one!
*Limited to 20 tents
tables and chairs
and FREE rental!

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