Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey guys, what do you think of switching your things with others for FREE?
During this economy downturn, fashion is still going on rapid
So how do we cope with it?
Instead of opting for second hands, might as well EXCHANGE

Here we are trying to gather as many like minded people
at TRADEzoo.
This is where you will get a ritual fix of clothing if you are an avid switcher

Still skeptical on how it would work in KL?
Just as long everyone keep their kiasuness at bay
we can turn this financial problem vs fashion victim of ours
to something that makes your worn out wallet to GUCCI
and definitely there are simple guidelines for all of you who attends it

So we will be hosting a pool party for everybody this 1st November
*no jumping in the pool really
Head down to our place and have a taste of simple good food and drinks
Bit of barbecue, bit of pasta , bit of everything!

book your party admission now
mail us today!
find us on facebook

- Only authorized traders are allowed to have legal exchange
- Bring ONLY valuable things that you wouldn't mind exchanging
- All items to trade are ensured clean and functional
- Traders are allowed to bring a maximum of a luggage each
- Traders are allowed to bring a minimum of a thing each
- Traders are to bring their own basic display units
- NO money is involved during trading, unless otherwise stated
- *If you wish to sell your items, please bring your own guestlist
- If in cases where more than one person are interested on the same thing, a simple activity / game will be carried out. i.e tossing the coin
- Don't forget to mingle, have fun getting to know more like minded people accompanied with good food too, how nice is that!

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