Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday Brunch Hunt

Saturday Brunch Hunt

Hi people! hows your weekend has been this time ?
Any garage, junkyard and flea market gig around?
Any shoppings? wots the damage like..?

This weekend, we got together
Zookeeper HOla could not make it to the meet
simply because she is still in the selling-off mode at a personal garage sale

so we ended up with Zookeeper Fridah & Tiara aka Pearl
at Bijou Hartamas.
well i missed the breakfast set by 5 mins
and thats not cool..

here are some pics to treat your eyes.
as usual, i didnt have much time to snap
coz i was busy talking instead
and being all of us girls having A.D.D
it doesnt help that much either

the place makes me happy, makes me feel 20% detoxed
almost as euphoric as but not close
you dont have a stretching menu of dessert, thats why!

my NOT breakfast menu meal.
grilled chicken sandwich

zookeeper faridah aka baby & Tiara aka Pearl

It's hard to look "normal" with her,and not ended up looking like a Giant

hey hey! i came out from that silver/grey thing instantly!
tres awesome! i wanna own one la jugak pls...

and i am not kiddin...

btw, come and join us the next time we will be having a get together.
will stick up notifications on the blog every lucky Friday ya!
we stay as friends - dont we?


Khaulah said...

hey hey! glad u guys had fun tho i could not make it. im now in adelaide dah.baru sampai. dee asal tak bitau u want a polaroid,i have one but it is in kl la..till nov when i get back k? hugs xx

Love:Sex:Drama said...

eh you nak jual your polaroid ke? alaaa...kat kl ke? suruh la indiebf amik! how much are you selling? so harituh garage sale de jual pe pe tak? am gonna miss you heaps! serious i tak suka farewell.i tend to be cold instead..=( i have abandonement issues and im trying to be calm about it.til then hola.xoxo

YC said...

alamak. faridah, call me next time when u guys head to bijou. my closet's almost right there....wake me up from my lack of slumber, or grab me home from work to raid my wardrobe before i die from being overworked and under paid, PLEASE T_T

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